We Find Love


There's something to be said about the progress that you make, day on day. I think it's something that's really easy to overlook, particularly when there are big things going on in your life. Little positives are so easily outweighed by big negatives. Also, it's counter-intuitive in nature, but, for myself at least, the most common way I notice this progress is through the course of making mistakes; of trying things, of failing at said things, and of ruing the aftermath. 

These actions of trying, failing, trying, failing... they change you, in ways that you cannot perceive, and could not possibly imagine. I've had some conversations with people recently, some very deep ones, but they all espoused one point in particular; everything you go through makes you the person you are, whether they are happy moments, sad moments, angry, mellow, bitter... Every step turns you into you. You have to accept it all; the good and the bad both, in your every stride. There is no other way. 

Maybe I stretched my metaphor out too far. I created this video with my friend @nikkaar, off an idea smouldering in the corner of my mind. It was my first time on my new camera; a Sony a7rii, which is a decent step up from my old a7ii. There were new settings to play with which I weren't familiar with; new formats, new frame rates... 

I'll admit; I got sucked in to making some bad decisions regarding recording format. I've always been the kind of person to dive recklessly into something, without considering the consequences. I feel like the video I created was absolutely terrible. It's grainy as hell, and it was my first time using a Picture Profile, which freaked me the fuck out. 

I thought it would be a waste. But, as my friend @takubeats mentioned in a talk he hosted recently, 
"Nothing is a waste of time.... Unless you're sitting on your bed staring at the wall, you always doing something. You're always learning something." He didn't exactly say those words, and I paraphrased hard AF there. But the rationale still rings true. Sure, my video is grainy. I was thrown off by the flat colours, high minimum ISO and awed by the 100fps option.

But I learnt to never shoot at that FPS ever again (okay rarely lol). I learnt that PP7 is insane for grading. I learnt I should probably go and get myself an ND filter. And I learnt that, for all the bad points, there are good. You just have to push through the doubts hard enough to get to them.

A short video, to Daniel Caesar's "We Find Love", by my friend Nikka and I. Practice makes perfect, and this video is definitely not so. Still, it's an invaluable way for me to see what aspects of my videography skills I am doing alright at, and what still needs improvement. Hope you enjoy!

Hope you enjoy this video. There will definitely be more to come.

Until next time,

Sunny x


ps. I need a new video title font. Someone halp pls