Hey guys! I hope you’re all doing super well as the year winds up to a close!

Sometimes it really is hard to believe how quickly the days fly by; someone posed to me recently that the reason for that is: as we get older, the relative amount of time a day is made of slowly becomes less and less. It’s 100% true, and more than 100% scary when you stop and think about it. The month I spent overseas in Beijing was filled with family and friends new and old, a lot of beautiful sights, the perfect weather (I like winter, sue me) and even more perfect food. It always takes me a little bit of time to fully appreciate all the beautiful things I’ve had the privilege of doing and seeing, but I’ve been able to realise that a little bit sooner this time around.

I know that, a little while ago, I promised I would write more, and some of you responded really well to that promise; unfortunately, life got in the way (as it so often does), and in a way where I couldn’t stay unaffected, or adequately express myself in any medium, let alone through written word. But, I’m glad to say that after a few big ups and downs, I think things are gradually starting to even out! Things always do, if you give them enough time. Anyways, I’m starting to get back into it! Two blog posts in two months is about equal to the number of posts I’ve made in the rest of the year… oops. Promise I’ll be better this time around!

I told myself that I would advance my photography as much as I could this year, and I’m glad to have settled into some kind of rhythm. Certainly, on my travels, I’ve come to understand that some moments exist to be captured, and that some moments exist to be lived in, and there is a really subtle art in being able to distinguish, and then recognise, the differences in the two. I used to whip my camera out at every opportunity, but realised that I wasn’t enjoying the moments I was shooting as much as I could have been. Find the balance, and you’ll start to really enjoy things. However, I have a vague feeling of unsatisfaction - so, if you’re interested in sitting down with me and having a chat with the intentions of working together, drop me a message through my website or on my Instagram. I’m feeling refreshed, and ready to create.

I’ll drop in on you guys again soon, for sure! Until then, stay happy, healthy, and humble.

Much love,


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