Hello everyone! How are you? I sincerely hope you've been well. It's been far too long since I last spent some quality time compounding my thoughts into something more tangible than the muddled, cloudy state that is my brain on most days. Having gone through the better part of a year by now (almost the last quarter!), there's a lot that's been on my mind since January. There've been many highs and lows, as life always is, but through it all I've been surviving, whether quietly in my own corner of the world, or loudly with and amongst you; I'm still here, for better or for worse. 

Where do I start? I've had the absolute pleasure of spending nearly half of the year so far away from my adopted home of Melbourne; spending time out in the big wild world seeing new things, experiencing new feelings, meeting new people. I hope my stories haven't made you too jealous! The amount of life that I've been through this year to date has been one of the most defining for me yet. What you've seen from me on my stories... that's only the good part! And for every good, there is a bad. For every high, there is a low.

I think one of the highest points of this year has been seeing the beauty of the sakura in Japan, and I talk about this on multitude of levels; it was brilliant to see the way people came out every night, relentlessly. Whether big or small, it seems as if the time between March and May is when a whole country emerges from their habit of working or drinking to truly bask in the glory that is the sakura season. If you've ever got a chance to visit Japan around this time of the year, from the bottom of my heart, don't hesitate to take it. Life is not to be passed up on; if you pause, even for just one second, that could mean the difference between seeing it and missing it. Those of you who managed to visit this year will know that the usual forecasts were way out of sync this year, with Tokyo blooming almost at the same time as Kyoto (a rare occurrence indeed). Not only is life not to be passed out on, but it is fleeting too. I've seen and heard of too many stories, especially in the last few years, of too much life being extinguished before it was supposed to be. This is something I've said many times before, but make the most of the years you have!

I'm not going to talk about the low points here, in such a public place. For those of you that would like to have a conversation about it though, you can always reach me on a social platform, or by sending me an e-mail through this webpage. I'm always down to have a chat with people that want or need it!

As for what the future has in store for me... I honestly have no clue. If you know me well, then you'll know that I'm really not good at planning ahead in my life; I've always been a day-by-day kinda guy. I guess it wouldn't surprise you to know I might be heading overseas again! Nothing confirmed at the time of posting, but a possibility on the horizon that I want to turn into a genuine opportunity. I'm genuinely looking forward to what the rest of the year has to bring! After all, that's ultimately what life has taught me this year; push on through the lows so that you may continue to look towards the highs.

It's 2 am and I'm fairly drunk, so no last words, aside from go and live your life!

Until next time.


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