To me, the concept of a new year does not exist. It's honestly just another day; the only reason it's so significant is because the rest of society plies so much significance onto it. I always thought it was ridiculous that anyone would think you could change your life over the course of one drunken evening with a few slurred promises to yourself about how you would exercise more, eat healthier, never drink that shitty vodka again, save up a lot of money, etc etc. The list goes on. Change takes time, dedication, persistence.

But maybe I've been looking at it wrong. Each day of the year, you have an opportunity to change your life, and your world. Chances come and go, and maybe you took one without even realising. Or maybe you let one slip, even though you had it right there in front of you. To be honest, it doesn't matter. Because another day will bring about a whole new set of possibilities. If you miss one, two, five, ten, it's fine. It's human to miss things, to dwell, to falter. Take it from someone who has done plenty of dwelling and faltering. 

My new year's resolution (I know, I got sucked in) was to fight. For myself, and for the things I love. And I made that resolution with the full knowledge that there would be some fights that I would win, and some that I would lose, just like there are some opportunities that will pass me by, and some that I will be able to grab with both hands. 

On New Years eve, I asked you guys to have a browse through my photos from the last year, pick the one that you thought was my best, and message it to me, along with a simple explanation of the reasons why you felt that way. I got quite a few messages, too many for my drunk ass to handle all on one night; ranging from a few words of admiration, to the most meticulous, well-crafted analyses. In the process, I got to know a bit more about the people that inspire me to keep doing what I love doing, and (hopefully) leave them with something that reminds them that everyone can have an impact in this world. 

Above it all, there was one story in particular that I found really humbling. I won't share it, because it's personal, and was told to me in confidence (I think). But it was a timely reminder that you can't control circumstance. All you can control is your reaction to it, and how much you let it affect you.  It was a reminder that there is no-one on this earth that doesn't deserve basic respect as a human being. It was a reminder that appearances are always deceitful, and under seemingly normal skin, you never know what someone is dealing with, whether physical or emotional. 

It was a reminder that, while you still have the ability, and the will to, you should fight. Fight for what you believe in, fight for the person you love, fight for a better tomorrow. For a better year. Because you never know if you'll get another chance to fight again. 

For anyone who's lacking motivation, even after that brilliant pep talk, let me leave you with this throwback.

'til the referee rings the bell,
'til both your eyes start to swell,
'til the crowd goes home,
what we gon' do, kid?

Keep fighting.


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