What floats my boat, Ep. 2

Hey yo! Back for another post on current inspiration I'm vibing! Let's get straight into it :D



I posted a snippet of this on my story a little while ago; been listening to it more and more recently and it's just so good! Really loving those chill, downtempo vibes recently. I think sometimes, you just need to relax, take some time out and enjoy your time on this planet with the people who you love.



Other times, you just wanna go absolutely ham, and this is one of those songs for it. A classic Soulection banger, timeless in its energy and charm. I've been thinking about how I would describe my taste in music, and while I like to try and keep an open mind in regards to that, I reckon I have a bias towards really emotive music, and tunes with a really strong beat and percussive element. I've really been getting into that Latin America vibe, which Sángo is an absolute GOD at, and also this next banger by Deverano as well.


When I travelled to Japan at the start of the year, I remember looking for entertaining things to keep me occupied on the 9 hour flight. Amongst all the music, books and movies that I downloaded, one item has continued to stand out to me to this day; the movie Kimi no Na wa, by Makoto Shinkai. For those of you who have known me for a little while, you'll know that I absolutely fell in love with this anime flick. In an age where Studio Ghibli films are few and far between, many believe Shinkai to be the prodigious next-in-line to the throne; and, looking at scenes from his movies, I find it hard to disagree.

There's an art to conveying emotion through various mediums, whether that be digital, written, drawn, or aural; it's something I find myself becoming more and more interested in, day by day. I won't go in to it too deep, as I plan to write further about it in a later post. I will, however, attach some stills from his various films; honestly, they never fail to move me, and I hope that when you see them, you'll feel just an inkling of what I feel as well. 

Finally, I've recently had the chance to delve into the wonderful world of mixed media art with a new friend from Sydney! Mixed media art is something that I've long held a passion for, and I was absolutely stoked with the results. Mind you, I didn't really have to do much; most of the hard work was done by @dokkaebi_queen, aka. @melaniedylankim. I strongly encourage you to check out her work; she puts out some dope stuff!

"LOVE, pt. ii"

"LOVE, pt. ii"

That's all from me today; would love to hear your thoughts on these pieces! Don't hesitate to drop me an e-mail or hit up my social!

Peace out,


Weiming Sun