What floats my boat, Ep. 1

Take a look at the things that drive me to do what I do, see what I see, and feel what I feel.

Hey guys! I wanted to give you a little insight into what's been keeping me going through these cold winter months in Melbourne! My camera's been a little inactive recently, but I'm starting to find more inspiration from other sources in my life.


A combination of an absolutely sickkkk song, and an equally awesome video. Some of you might have seen the recent video I posted (thank you for watching, if you did), and this is the level of emotiveness and storytelling I hope to be able to achieve one day! I think everything about it is just so on point; the colour grading, lighting, compositon.... I dieeeee.


This is another video I've been watching and thinking of constantly (and not just because of ice cream sandwiches or the fact that it's JAPAN!!!!! hahah). This video was 100% shot on an iPhone 7+ at 4k resolution, and I just can't get over how crisp and clean it is! Once again, the colour grade is just to die for, and the simplicity of the video really gets to me as well. I love how there's no song that brings the video together, and it really allows you to immerse yourself deeper within the atmosphere of it all. Really shows how far technology has come as well! This video convinced me to get an iPhone 7+ for my next phone, so that I can have a really good video option ready when I might be busy shooting on my Sony.


This here is a recent song by Canadian artist Daniel Caesar. Man, when I first heard this, I died. It's just so perfectly layered, vocals are on point, I can't get enough of it! This is by far my favourite part; audio bliss. Thank you so much @xymcn for recommending DC as an artist; and @siufantome for showing me Streetcar! 


A collection of images that I've recently found myself staring at, for various reasons, be it composition, emotiveness, colour grading, or just pure awesomeness. I'm going to refrain from revealing what it is I enjoy in each photo, for now at least; hopefully all those who are reading this can take something fresh and unique away!

Top, from left:
@uuanjie, from Singapore; @rhys.tattersall, from Sydney; @thebirrell, from South Australia

Middle, from left:
@siufantome, from Montreal; @tk_north, from Sydney; @geenaglass, from Melbourne

Bottom, from left:
@zheyongzz, from Singapore; @bellxyn x @desmondli_, from Toronto; @jfmarcelino, from Sydney

Thank you guys for constantly driving me to change and evolve my vision. Feel free to stop by their socials and have a browse!


Weiming Sun