I made a video! My first! Of Japan! Come and have a look!

Hello again guys!

Foreword: I'm trying to be more active on my blog, sharing stuff you don't normally see on my Instagram or any other social media. Let me know if you're enjoying what you're seeing; don't be afraid to drop me a comment or e-mail!

So I made a video! My first, and boy was it an experience! I don't want to elaborate too much on how I feel the video is; it's probably going to be boring and technical and a whole bunch of nitpicking etc etc, yadda yadda. Instead, I'm just going to attach it here for you, and let you judge it for yourself. Please go easy on me! I'm still getting used to all the functions available to me!

Kick back, relax, and enjoy!

Honestly, it was a really great experience making this little snippet of my journey. Seeing places that I visited helped me remember everything that was so great about my trip! I can't wait to head back there one day!
My video features a few of the people that I met along my journey, but unfortunately many more didn't make it, due to my laziness in terms of videoing. :( So sorry guys! I'm going to list them all here, do check out their socials:
@howiebutler, @macklesome@jennayez, @earthtokatriona, @nakinavy, @taromoberly, @wataru51, @meru.japan, @ag.lr.88, @uk_tom, @streetflicker, @lilyandtown, I'm glad I met/saw you while in Japan! I'm sure I'll be back before long! Or, come visit me in Australia! :D
And special thanks to Merrin for putting up with my shoddy trip planning and constant desire for Chikin Chizu Karaage. No regrets though. Hahaha!

As much love as possible,


Weiming Sun